For a calm, confident and natural pregnancy and birth as nature intended...



Would you like to use a natural and calming method of childbirth and enjoy your pregnancy more?














Pregnancy is a time of joy for most and feelings of excitement often mix with feelings of apprehension especially for a first baby.


Getting into good healthy habits and using regular relaxation can be very beneficial when it comes to keeping calm and focused during the birth, allowing you to enjoy and importantly, remember the experience with clarity and confidence.


If you are in control and feel calm and confident throughout the birthing experience this will also have a beneficial effect on your newborn baby, with women reporting a strong bond with their babies from the outset and more success with breast feeding and sleeping habits.


Sessions can be held on a one to one basis for couples or can be delivered through one day workshop programmes, where you will be taught the art of self hypnosis, controlled breathing, along with positive visualisations using NLP techniques and calming tapping techniques using TFT, allowing you to feel safe and relaxed during the birthing process.


So if you are expecting a happy event in your life and would like to keep the process as natural as nature intended, contact us today for a free telephone consultation where we can talk about getting you onto a pathway to a calm, confident and relaxed pregnancy and birth.


Our workshops and 1-2-1 sessions are run by Julie Taylor and Marcia Tillman in Faversham, Kent. Julie and Marcia are experienced Hypnotherapists.  So if you are looking for hypnobirthing, workshops in Kent or hypnobirthing classes in Kent, or 1-2-1 sessions then please contact us.






Using Hypnotherapy in fertility, pregnancy and birth are areas of real growth, as more and more women are looking to natural ways to deal with all that pregnancy entails. Scientific research concludes that Hypnotherapy can successfully increase your chances of becoming pregnant if you are experiencing fertility issues. It also complements IVF treatment.


Hypnotherapy can be used for morning sickness, can aid regular relaxation and positive visualisations for the progress of the pregnancy, the birth and the early days of motherhood, when emotions inevitably run high.

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