For a calm, confident and natural pregnancy and birth as nature intended...

1-2-1 Sessions


You can see us for your own private sessions if you prefer.















Home study version:

We like to cater for all budgets, the home study version covers the whole programme and includes the manual and cds for you to use in the comfort of your home. We also include email support with this option if you need it.


What You Will Learn


• Calming breathing exercises to give deep inner relaxation

• Guided visualisation to a safe healing place to help with; morning sickness & birth fears

• Creation of a healing colour for you and your baby to use during pregnancy and birth

• Tapping sequences to eliminate any previous trauma or fears

• Self Hypnosis to enable you to practise relaxing your body and mind

• An understanding of the female anatomy and how it changes during pregnancy

• An understanding of the three phases of the birthing process

• Helpful practical skills for your birthing partner to assist you during pregnancy and the birth

• A meaningful birthing image to assist and encourage dilation


These skills are fully transferable into every day life and will enable you to bond well with your newborn baby, find breastfeeding (should you decide to do so) enjoyable and effortless, and encourage good sleeping patterns for you and baby, allowing you to feel energised and regain your pre-pregnancy weight easily.



What You Will Get From The Sessions


• You will get a hypnotic CDs or MP3 recordings that you can use at home to practice relaxation and visualisation techniques taught in session, and use during the birthing process.

• You will have a manual recapping the programme’s main points.

• You will have a personal journal for you to record your pregnancy and early parenting thoughts on a daily basis.

• Your birthing partner will have some useful techniques to help assist you in a positive way during the birthing process.

• You and your partner will have a very clear idea of what pregnancy and the birthing   process entails.

• You will feel confident and excited about the birth of your baby, knowing that you will be able to help yourself during the birthing   process to keep calm and relaxed and work intuitively with your perfectly designed body.


So if you are expecting a happy event in your life and would like to keep the process as natural as nature intended, contact us today for a free telephone consultation where we can talk about getting you onto a pathway to a calm, confident and relaxed pregnancy and birth.




Hypnobirthing 1-2-1 Programme - prices are for one mum and their birthing partner if you choose to bring them.


£195 - for either one 3 hour session or two 1 1/2 hour sessions.


*Special offer* bring another pregnant mum with you and save £25 each.


Hypnobirthing Home study Programme


£45 for mp3s, with pdf manual delivered electronically

£49.50 for cds, with printed manual delivered by post



Our workshops and 1-2-1 sessions are run by Julie Taylor and Marcia Tillman in Faversham, Kent. Julie and Marcia are experienced Hypnotherapists.  So if you are looking for hypnobirthing, workshops in Kent or hypnobirthing classes in Kent, or 1-2-1 sessions then please contact us.




These sessions will be held just for you with either Julie or Marcia. You can bring along your birthing partner or come along on your own, the choice is  yours. You will be taught the same system as the workshops and classes and take away your workbook and cd.


One or two Individual One to One Sessions;

We work with couples on an individual basis where we can exclusively tailor the programme to your specific needs. The programme is covered over  3 hours, and  can be over one 3 hour session or two 1 1/2 hour sessions. It is suitable at any stage of your pregnancy from 12 weeks.




'Thank you for the information and for helping instill more confidence in the lead up to birth as well as the birthing process'


Sarah, Whitstable


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