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Hypnotherapy to aid Fertility


You may not have thought of hypnotherapy or other holistic therapies to aid conception but research has shown that using mind body techniques can more than double your chance of becoming pregnant 1. There has been a rise in recent years of the number of couples having difficulties and it is thought that 3.5 million people have problems conceiving in the UK alone, that's around 15% of couples trying for a baby taking longer than 1 year to conceive 2. For many there is a physical cause that can be found for infertility 3, but for about a quarter of those having difficulties the cause cannot be found and they are diagnosed with 'unexplained fertility'. There is hope though as there are some changes that you can make to increase your chances of becoming pregnant and hypnotherapy can help you with them. Hypnotherapy can help with some of the major contributors of infertility including weight, smoking and stress. Read more


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