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Using Hypnotherapy for fertility


Research has shown that Hypnosis for fertility increases conception rates and doubles conception rates when used with IVF. Research also shows that stress and anxiety decreases your fertility! This research showed that 55% of woman using mind/body techniques over 10 weeks became pregnant and gave birth within a year of treatment compared to 20% for the control group. Hypnotherapy can assist infertility problems like unexplained infertility, PCOS, poor quality eggs and can complement IVF as well as other fertility techniques.


Hypnotherapy promotes positivity and relaxation giving you some fantastic tools to prevent frustration, worry, stress, obsession, fears – all of which can get in the way of you achieving a viable pregnancy.


HypnoFertility can be used for couples as well as individuals and approximately 6 sessions are recommended.


Marcia has talked on Channel Radio station about her work with fertility clients and you can read an article she has written about how Hypnotherapy can aid fertility here






£250 (3 extended sessions for 1 person or a couple, includes cd (or £85 per session for first 3 sessions), then £65 per session for any further sessions.






















Hypnofertility sessions are run by Julie Taylor and Marcia Tillman in Faversham, Kent. Julie and Marcia are experienced Hypnotherapists.  So if you are looking for hypnotherapy for fertility in Kent then please contact us.



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