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What is Hypnobirthing?


Using Hypnotherapy for childbirth


















Hypnobirthing firstly deals with any negative preconceived ideas or previous fears or trauma around pregnancy and birth, enabling you to feel more confident and excited about this new journey you are embarking on.


It then teaches relaxation and visualisation techniques that you can practise daily throughout your pregnancy. This encourages you to take some quiet time each day where you can focus positively on yourself, your changing body, your growing baby and your desired natural birth. This is an opportunity for you and your partner to not only rest and relax together but also bond with your precious baby right from the start.


This programme empowers you during the birthing process enabling you to be calm, work intuitively with your perfectly designed body, relax skeletal muscles to reduce any discomfort in the early stages and deeply focus your energy to give you an easy natural birth, just as nature intended for you.


The benefits carry on after the birth with many women reporting improved breast feeding, (if they decided to do so) better sleep patterns, more energy and quickly getting back into shape effortlessly. Enjoying the early days of parenthood are a happy, positive and very welcome side effect of this programme.


Our workshops and 1-2-1 sessions are run by Julie Taylor and Marcia Tillman in Faversham, Kent. Julie and Marcia are experienced Hypnotherapists.  So if you are looking for hypnobirthing, workshops in Kent or hypnobirthing classes in Kent, or 1-2-1 sessions then please contact us.





Hypnobirthing involves using Hypnotherapy to aid childbirth. At Hypnobirthing Faversham, Kent we will teach you specific self hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques to help you have the calm, confident and natural birth that you and your baby deserve. Hypnotherapy is a  completely safe, calm, relaxing experience which helps you to feel and be more in control of your birthing experience. Also if any challenges do come along during your birthing experience you will find you are able to deal with them in a much calmer way.


Hypnobirthing has been gaining in popularity as more high profile women like Kate Middleton in the media are using it successfully to help with; morning sickness, pregnancy fears, a calm and enjoyable pregnancy and a wonderful birth for both Mum, Dad and newborn baby.

'A very good introduction to Hypnobirthing, all very informative and useful. I look forward to listening to the cds'


Kathryn & Simon, Lynsted.


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