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Would you like to use natural and calming methods to aid fertility, pregnancy and for childbirth?

At HypnoPregnancy™ our practitioners are all qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists, so our programme can be as unique as you are. No more attending weeks of Hypnobirthing learning things that are not relevant to you. Our Hypnobirthing programme is designed for busy individuals like you that need to learn these powerful tools fast. Hypnotherapy can be used for morning sickness including hyperemesis, can aid regular relaxation and positive visualisations for the progress of the pregnancy, the birth and the early days of motherhood, when emotions inevitably run high. Pregnancy is a time of joy for most and feelings of excitement often mix with feelings of apprehension especially for a first baby.

Our programmes have evidence-based foundations and include other related research-based practices like mindfulness, meditation, CBT and positive psychology.

Fertility research shows that Hypnotherapy and mindfulness-based interventions can significantly increase your chances of becoming pregnant including improving IVF success by as much 76%.

Hyperemesis gravidarum research found that Hypnotherapy improved symptoms in 99% of women with 44% relieved of all vomiting and nausea.

Hypnobirthing research has found that hypnosis reduces the need for pain medication and increases the chance of a natural birth as well as improvements in maternal wellbeing and neonatal benefits.

Would you like to learn powerful tools and techniques that will help you during your pregnancy, birth and as a new parent? Would you like to feel calm during the birthing process? HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners are Hypnotherapists with additional specialist training in hypnobirthing. This means they can create a unique programme just for you if needed. This system is like no other including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Tapping (Thought Field Therapy).

Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility? Or perhaps you are undergoing IVF and finding the process draining and stressful? Our HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners can help you, teaching you tools to help you feel calm and in control. We are expert Hypnotherapists that can help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Are you a Hypnotherapist or Hypnotherapy student that would like to help your clients in the rewarding area of fertility and pregnancy? In just two days we will teach you our tried and tested methods to help these clients, between us combining over 30 years of experience we will take you step by step though our formula. The tools and strategies that we have used successfully to help thousands of clients

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