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We are Marcia & Julie and we created HypnoPregnancy™ as it made sense to us to create this consistent approach from fertility to parenting and to build a fully bespoke therapy plan for our clients which naturally led us to create a quality and thorough Practitioner Training course for qualified Hypnotherapists to enable them to offer the same skills to their clients too. All practitioners listed below are qualified Hypnotherapists, have taken the HypnoPregnancy™ training, passed our exam and can provide the skills and experience to successfully help and support you through your fertility journey, help you with morning sickness and teach you calming techniques through pregnancy, teach you how to create a calm and confident birth and how to create a positive parenting bond and relationship with your new born baby in those early days of parenthood. Accredited practitioners in addition to passing our exam have also demonstrated their skills through a case study.

Julie Taylor HPD

Location: Online, Graveney, Kent

Phone: 07843 434614

Hi, I’m Julie co-founder of HypnoPregnancy™ and an enthusiastic champion of Hypnofertility, Hypnobirthing and Positive Parenting. Its always a delight and a privilege to help clients achieve an empowered fertility and pregnancy journey and to follow that through to a calm, confident birth experience and joyful parenting pathway.

Marcia Tillman HPD

Location: Online, Faversham, Kent

Phone: 07739 263771

As the co-founder of HypnoPregnancy™ I am passionate about helping clients with Hynobirthing as well as with pregnancy and fertility issues.  It is such an honour to help clients navigate fertility issues and see them become pregnant, and then of course continue to support them through pregnancy, birth and beyond! We love that our HypnoPregnancy™ programme is adaptable to create a unique experience just for you.

Frances Chandler HPD

Location: Online & Faversham, Kent

Phone: 07957 571790

I’m Frances Chandler a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tapping Practitioner & mBIT coach, specialising in Hypnobirthing. I offer a bespoke hypnobirthing programme for parents and parents-to-be have a calm, confident experience, helping with any anxiety, worry or fear they may have around fertility, pregnancy, the birth process, breastfeeding and positive parenting. I have been a holistic therapist for over 24 years, and I’m here to help you.

Carla Pearce, HPD

Location: Online & Herne Bay, Kent

Phone: 07526 641441

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and have trained with both HypnoPregnancy™ for Fertility and Birth and Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing and Antenatal. I experienced hypnobirthing when pregnant with my first baby and was blown away by the results. Ever since then I have been so excited to share the profound effects of hypnobirthing and am looking forward to empowering you to have a beautiful birth experience.

Lorraine Barker HPD

Location: Online & Whitstable, Kent

Phone: 07878 223226

I have been working and supporting clients through many issues. I really enjoy supporting clients through fertility issues as well supporting clients with pregnancy, birth and positive parenting. I feel honoured to be part of the Hypno4Pregnancy™ team.

Carol Smithers
Accredited HypnoPregnancy Practitioner

Location: I work in the Faversham and Rainham area of Kent as well as online on Zoom

Phone: 07738 098497

Hypnopregnancy and hypnobirthing are my passion. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and HypnoPregnancy Practitioner and I have 9 years’ experience as a midwife and over 30 years’ experience as a sister working on a special care baby unit.

My sessions are unique, I use my hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing training to teach you calming and strengthening strategies and techniques to help you through your pregnancy and labour. Additionally, I use my midwifery and nursing training to include a post-natal hypnotherapy package, including everything you need to know to look after your new baby, feeding and general care in the first couple of weeks, as well as how to nurture your relationship, bringing you together as a family with knowledge, confidence and experience.

Sarah Hedges HPD

Location: Online & Chiselhurst, Kent

Phone: 07766 516773

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, Reiki and TFT practitioner. My work is client centred, meaning I take time to listen to you, the reason for your visit and what your aims and goals are. As a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy it is my aim to work ethically, ensuring the welfare of my clients and practising without judgement, demonstrating both empathy and professionalism.

Rosalind Vermeulen

Location: Wijdenes & Haarlem (Netherlands)

Phone: 06-30334903

I am Rosalind Vermeulen and for more than 15 years I have worked as an (esoteric) acupuncturist, and have specialised in Gynaecology. 

My treatments are designed to tackle the underlying causes of infertility, when you have been told there’s no real explanation for your fertility problems, other than your age, or if you have had multiple IVF or IUI failures or miscarriages. 

I treat all kinds of fertility issues, PCOS, endometrioses, thyroid, recurrent miscarriage, pelvic female issues, and regulating the cycle of menstruation. I also work with Mizan therapy fertility massage and Hypnofertility and Hypnobirthing. I can help you to prepare for your birth with Hypnobirthing. Hypnofertility helps enhance your chances of conception naturally and in conjunction with IVF, IUI, and ICSI treatments. Also, it gives the relaxation you need, and hypnofertility guides you through the process to get the right positive mood and motivation. You will overcome fears and your mindset will be receptive and ready for conception. Please contact me or you are welcome to book online via my website

Sevarin Bennett
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist
HPD, DSFH, AfSFH (Reg), NBfMP (Reg), CNHC (Reg)

Location: Online and Cambridge

Phone: 07359188625

Hi, I’m Sevarin Bennett, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in Cambridge. I have a passion for supporting clients through their fertility, pregnancy and birth. Hypnofertility and Hypnobirthing is a wonderful and empowering way to help reduce anxiety, increase positivity and build confidence, allowing you to feel calm, confident and in control of your fertility, pregnancy and birthing journey.

Kay Leonard
DSFH, AfSFH (Reg), NBfMP (Reg), CNCH (Reg)

Location: Online and London

Phone: 07761 488578

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in London. Having gone through a traumatic birth myself, I love the way Hypnobirthing and Hypnofertility assists parents to take control whilst helping to relax and enjoy this life changing experience. Helping my clients with fertility and birthing is a privilege and I look forward to working with you.

Laura Bloomberg

Location: Hertfordshire / Enfield / Barnet / Harrow / Online

Phone: 07974 146624

My name is Laura Bloomberg and I’m a Specialist Fertility Coach & Holistic Therapist. By using a combination of my coaching skills and proven techniques, including HypnoFertility and EFT (Energy Tapping), my ‘Fertility Avenue Transformation Programme’ helps women to handle their fertility journey feeling calm, positive and emotionally in control. When the mind and body work in harmony, my clients feel more relaxed and empowered. This enables them to find enjoyment in life again, as well as improving their chances of falling pregnant.
I am also a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and use the HypnoPregnancy Programme. My clients learn specific self-hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques to help them have a calm and enjoyable pregnancy & birthing experience. The numerous benefits of the programme also continue after the birth, including helping couples to bond with their new-born baby and helping to develop good sleeping patterns.

If you’d like to know more about my Fertility Avenue Transformation Programme or the HypnoBirthing Programme, please take a look at my website –

Moira Johnston-Weare
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Location: Online and based East Lothian, Scotland

Phone: 07527 271595

Hello, I’m Moira Johnston-Weare, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in East Lothian, Scotland. I look forward to supporting you through your fertility, pregnancy, birth journey and parenting pathway. Hypnofertility and Hypnobirthing helps reduce anxiety and deal with any challenges you may face. I am client focussed and will provide you with your own bespoke well-being toolkit, which will encourage positive visualisations along with relaxation techniques including hypnosis.  This will allow you to feel in control, calm, relaxed and confident.

If you would like to find out a little more about me please check out my website

Sarah Thomson
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

Location: Scottish Borders / Online

Phone: 07983 565 542

My name is Sarah Thomson and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in the lovely Scottish Borders. I have a passion for helping parents-to-be on their journey.  I wish I had known about the huge benefits of Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant! Hypnobirthing and Hypnofertility help parents to take control, relax and enjoy this special time in their lives.  I offer 1:1, couples and group sessions and tailor these to meet the needs of each client I work with. Sessions can be face to face or online via Zoom.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more information.

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    Would you like to learn powerful tools and techniques that will help you during your pregnancy, birth and as a new parent? Would you like to feel calm during the birthing process? HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners are Hypnotherapists with additional specialist training in hypnobirthing. This means they can create a unique programme just for you if needed. This system is like no other including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Tapping (Thought Field Therapy).

    Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility? Or perhaps you are undergoing IVF and finding the process draining and stressful? Our HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners can help you, teaching you tools to help you feel calm and in control. We are expert Hypnotherapists that can help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

    Are you a Hypnotherapist or Hypnotherapy student that would like to help your clients in the rewarding area of fertility and pregnancy? In just two days we will teach you our tried and tested methods to help these clients, between us combining over 30 years of experience we will take you step by step though our formula. The tools and strategies that we have used successfully to help thousands of clients