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Using Hypnotherapy for Fertility

“Psychological and emotional preparation for IVF brings numerous benefits including improved likelihood of success”
Wurlitzer, Evans & Znidar

Hypnotherapy can assist infertility problems like unexplained infertility, PCOS, low quality eggs and can complement IVF as well as other fertility techniques.

All our HypnoPregnancy™ Practitioners are qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists that have received our specialist training in working with Fertility. They can support you through your fertility journey, including emotionally preparing you for assisted reproduction like IVF. Our practitioners are currently based in the UK and many offer online sessions so they can come to you via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

Research suggests that females with infertility have stress levels that are equivalent to people with cancer, AIDS or heart disease and that stress reduces the chance of conception. When stressed we are often in ‘fight and flight’ mode, stress hormones are constantly being released and energy is directed away from the systems not seen as necessary for immediate survival including our reproductive system.

It is our sympathetic nervous system that is activated when we are stressed and it is the parasympathetic nervous system that controls relaxation. Only one of these systems can be activated at one time. The good news is that Hypnotherapy relaxes you! It activates the parasympathetic nervous systems relaxation response. Research has also shown that after a course of hypnotherapy the sympathetic nervous system was less easily stimulated.

Our HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners can also support you in any lifestyle changes that you might like to make to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Research supports our methods too; Hypnosis has been shown to significantly improve pregnancy rates during IVF/ET by 76%. Our HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners are also trained in mindfulness-based interventions which research shows can increase pregnancy rates during IVF by 72%.

Your bespoke Hypno4Fertility sessions can include:

• Self-Hypnosis
• Powerful Hypnosis Visualisations
• Identification & treatment of any related traumas, worries & phobia’s
• CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to identify and change any unhelpful thinking patterns and beliefs
• Tapping Sequences for removing any emotional blocks, worries & fears
• NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for helping to process any past related traumas and to anchor positive resourceful states
• Mindfulness & Meditation
• Positive Psychology
• Self-Affirmations
• Coaching
• Bespoke Recording/s for you to reinforce your treatment

Hypno4Fertility can be used for couples as well as individuals and approximately 6 sessions are recommended.


From £450

(6 sessions for 1 person or a couple, including recording/s or ask your practitioner for their session-by-session price)

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    Would you like to learn powerful tools and techniques that will help you during your pregnancy, birth and as a new parent? Would you like to feel calm during the birthing process? HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners are Hypnotherapists with additional specialist training in hypnobirthing. This means they can create a unique programme just for you if needed. This system is like no other including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Tapping (Thought Field Therapy).

    Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility? Or perhaps you are undergoing IVF and finding the process draining and stressful? Our HypnoPregnancy™ practitioners can help you, teaching you tools to help you feel calm and in control. We are expert Hypnotherapists that can help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

    Are you a Hypnotherapist or Hypnotherapy student that would like to help your clients in the rewarding area of fertility and pregnancy? In just two days we will teach you our tried and tested methods to help these clients, between us combining over 30 years of experience we will take you step by step though our formula. The tools and strategies that we have used successfully to help thousands of clients